Engineering Consultants: Shaping the Ideas for Business Growth

By Navdeep Singh Ahluwalia, Head Network Information Security, Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd

One of the fastest growing companies in India, Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd has its operation across different industries like cement, sugar and power manufacturing.

Who Are Engineering Consultants

An engineering consultant is a highly qualified person with a wide experience on planning, designing and supervision of huge projects as per requirements. Broadly his roles and responsibilities include - preparing, studying, designing, supervising, scrutinizing of projects in totality; ensuring highest quality of standards; should have knowledge of standards like ISO, ANSI, PDCA etc. He needs to ensure the use of latest technology also meeting environmental norms.

Engineering consultants are expected to have a good knowledge of finance, business procedures, leadership skills to convince clients, team spirit, and must keep client information confidential. They must act independent by pushing in fresh proposals having latest concepts and a totally unbiased approach.

"With the advancement in technology and the skill set available, the demand of Indian engineering consultants has increased in South East Asia, Africa and Middle East"

Why is it a Necessity for Enterprises?

Changing teams and infusing new talents in the organizations helps in solving issues more productively. Engineering consultants are organized, experts in their field and have a good track record in solving problems. They bring in fresh ideas and experience into the projects. Organizations hire and pay consultants for delivering a completed project. They are paid high incentives for completing a project within a specified timeframe. They don’t have overhead costs as compared to a regular employee.

How Do They Work?

It’s the job of engineer consultants to deliver the services in a professional manner without personal digs or suggesting others fault. They have to work like a project leader by coming forward and suggesting ways to communicate and work together effectively. Their responsibility also includes creating a staffing plan for bigger projects and in case of non-availability they need to also take care of hiring. Engineering consultants offer a quality service with different levels of parity which create a differentiation in service and brand. They need to ensure that an effective communication strategy is adopted to give a competitive advantage.

Making a Lasting Contribution

Engineering consultants provide support both from home and onsite project offices and have attained world class standards by providing services for complex and large projects. Their profile demands providing solutions that meet world class standards but should also be cost effective. They cover almost every engineering disciple and are also doing complex projects for nuclear and space. Due to large investments in various sectors, the demands of consultants have grown multi fold.

With the advancement in technology and the skill set available, the demand of Indian engineering consultants has increased in South East Asia, Africa and Middle East.

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